EasyLINQ 1.41 – the light weighted LINQ alternative for Delphi

After a while I have now updated the EasyLINQ library with some new methods. The library was developed and tested with Delphi XE6 on MS Windows in 32 & 64 Bit. I did not found enough time to create an OSX app for some further testing. If there is anyone out there who wants to do so, I would be very pleased about your feedback.

It is absolutely amazing how many users downloaded EasyLINQ until now. I am really happy to see it saves your time during the development process.

Release 1.41 contains following new features:

Element Operators

  • First, returns the first object
  • Last, returns the last object

Custom Sequence Operators

  • Combine( TEasyLINQ<T> ), combines two list (in fact adds the items from one list to the other one)

Partitioning Operators

  • Take( n ), returns the first n items
  • Skip( n ), skips the first n items
  • Odd, returns all odd items
  • Even, returns all even items

Generation Operators

  • Range( form, to ), returns a list of items within the indexes from – to
  • Repeat( index, n ), repeats the item with the given index n times. Please note: Because of the usage of a reserved keyword use &Repeat

Aggregate Operators

  • Aggregate( field ), calculates the product of the values in the given field
  • Average( field ), calculates the average value of the values in the given field
  • Min( field ), returns the min value of the values in the given field
  • Max( field ), returns the max value of the values in the given field
  • Sum( field ), calculates the sum of the values in the given field

Bug Fix

  • Bug in GetCMD with delete characters of like command (thanks to Bruno)


As always, if there is something missing or if you found an issue please do not hesitate to contact me…

Download EasyLINQ1.41 [23kB]



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