EasyLINQ 1.41 – the light weighted LINQ alternative for Delphi

After a while I have now updated the EasyLINQ library with some new methods. The library was developed and tested with Delphi XE6 on MS Windows in 32 & 64 Bit. I did not found enough time to create an OSX app for some further testing. If there is anyone out there who wants to do so, I would be very pleased about your feedback.
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Delphi Tage 2013 in Leipzig

Wie immer war es schön so viele Delphianer auf einen Haufen zu treffen. Anstatt David I. berichtete diesmal Marco Cantu über die Fortschritte der Entwicklungsumgebung. Das große Thema heuer war “mobile Development mit Android”. Bei der Umfrage, was sich die Community als nächstes wünsche, nahm er wohl unmissverständlich die Beseitigung der Fehler zur Kenntnis. Wollen wir hoffen, dass der Wunsch berücksichtigt wird.
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EasyLinq for Delphi XE

Often you need to sort or filter an objectlist by its content or something similar. In C#, or Delphi Prism you have the powerful Linq Library which will do the job for you. Sadly, but nothing like this exists in Delphi. You need to do all by your own. Because I needed such a feature I had created some time ago a class that will supports basic Linq commands.
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Delphi Days 2012 in Heidelberg

Time goes by… some weeks ago the well known Delphi Days, an event of the german Delphi community, where held in Heidelberg/Germany. This time I had also spoken about Software Project-Planning. A topic which always gets to short in our days. But it is worth to take some planning first. Thankfully to the great service of the Print-Media in Heidelberg a video about my presentation was taken. You will find it in my YouTube Channel. Of course, it is in german language.
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Visual Studio 2012 and Prism

If you are familiar with the Delphi IDE and if you want to program in Prism you will probably get weak of the Visual Studio IDE. A lot of functions are missing. I am using the shortcuts for saving Bookmarks very often and missed them a lot in Visual Studio.

But thankfully some guys thought the same and develop a plug-in to get at least bookmarks and key-layout of Delphi to Visual Studio. Have a look at DPack, it will really help you. And if you find a way to change the layout from gray/gray or black/white to something which is similar to VS2010, please let me know…