Visual Studio 2012 and Prism

If you are familiar with the Delphi IDE and if you want to program in Prism you will probably get weak of the Visual Studio IDE. A lot of functions are missing. I am using the shortcuts for saving Bookmarks very often and missed them a lot in Visual Studio.

But thankfully some guys thought the same and develop a plug-in to get at least bookmarks and key-layout of Delphi to Visual Studio. Have a look at DPack, it will really help you. And if you find a way to change the layout from gray/gray or black/white to something which is similar to VS2010, please let me know…

One thought on “Visual Studio 2012 and Prism

  1. Hi Daniela,

    well, VS has Bookmarks of its own, and I consider it a very good system. A brief overview about plain VS bookmarks can be found here: This also includes naming Bookmarks and how to easily navigate between them with the normal VS shortcuts.

    Regarding the Look & feel, the Visual Studio color theme editor comes with a VS2010-like Theme (called blue) and also other themes. You can find it here:

    Happy coding,


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